National Trail

Selfie at the start!

So we decided some time ago (probably while feeling optimistic with a glass of wine) to hike the National Trail at South Mountain. It’s 15 miles long with a climb of 1300 feet in elevation. It took us from 9am to 5pm, with a small hiccup at the beginning.  After it was all over, with […]

Le Tote

The first box came in the mail!

Well, I decided to try a clothing rental service while I’m adjusting to my new lower weight. I figure I have about 6 months to a year before I reach my fitness goals, and I don’t know what clothes will fit at that time. Renting seemed like the way to go! So here’s my first […]

Pemberton Trail


Ahhh Winter Sports in Arizona. Right after New Years, Aaron and I went to the McDowell Mountain Park to ride Pemberton Trail. It was about a 13 mile loop, uphill the first half and super fun downhill the second half. We love this trail.

Midnight Madness!


On Midnight 2015/2016 if was my crazy decision to do a 5K. It was freezing cold and we brought mom and Tessa along for the fun. (Well, they didn’t think it was so fun. Mom thinks we’re CRAZY.) I made my Personal Best Time on this race! (Was it the cold perhaps?)  

Commencement Ceremony


Monday December 14th, 2015 is the day I graduated from ASU!  The Commencement Ceremony began at 9am in the pouring rain and freezing cold! We were not prepared, but we survived! I was so happy that Luis and Andi and I managed to find each other!  I really enjoyed my time with them in all […]