Graduation Party Prep


Today Aaron and I have done a lot of running around preparing for the big Graduation Day on Monday! We are having a party hosted at Lawrence Dunham Wine Tasting Room in Old Town Scottsdale. Their Signature Petite Sirah is out of this world…. well, so is their Grenache…. and their Viognier… I can’t decide […]

Graduation Days

Gift box from Arcosanti

Our good friend Drew couldn’t make the graduation ceremonies this weekend, but he did the nicest thing instead. He shipped me this package from Arcosanti. You are such a good friend Drew, thank you, and we will miss you at the party. We’ll catch you when we head to LA next.

Picacho Peak


We did it! 3 hours and 24 minutes from car door to car door. Not half bad. We made sure to take pictures at all the interesting parts. Cables, rails and ladders, oh my!  Niki found a couple of those fancy Geocache boxes too. It was a great hike!