Kirkland fit lifestyle

We are keeping very active here in Kirkland, enjoying the mild weather at this time of year. Normally by this time in Scottsdale we would be gathered around the air conditioner, but mostly in the pool drinking Margaritas.  Will I miss that pool?… I’m not sure yet. We are still really excited to be here, and […]

McDowell Mtn Loop


Our last long hike of the 2016 winter/spring season was at Bell Pass to Tom’s Thumb at McDowell Mountain Park in Scottsdale.  It was long and grueling.  The views were spectacular, but the heat was starting to get to us.  After 7 hours we finished the day with a calzone and plenty of wine at […]

National Trail

Selfie at the start!

So we decided some time ago (probably while feeling optimistic with a glass of wine) to hike the National Trail at South Mountain. It’s 15 miles long with a climb of 1300 feet in elevation. It took us from 9am to 5pm, with a small hiccup at the beginning.  After it was all over, with […]

Le Tote

The first box came in the mail!

Well, I decided to try a clothing rental service while I’m adjusting to my new lower weight. I figure I have about 6 months to a year before I reach my fitness goals, and I don’t know what clothes will fit at that time. Renting seemed like the way to go! So here’s my first […]

Pemberton Trail


Ahhh Winter Sports in Arizona. Right after New Years, Aaron and I went to the McDowell Mountain Park to ride Pemberton Trail. It was about a 13 mile loop, uphill the first half and super fun downhill the second half. We love this trail.

Midnight Madness!


On Midnight 2015/2016 if was my crazy decision to do a 5K. It was freezing cold and we brought mom and Tessa along for the fun. (Well, they didn’t think it was so fun. Mom thinks we’re CRAZY.) I made my Personal Best Time on this race! (Was it the cold perhaps?)  

Picacho Peak


We did it! 3 hours and 24 minutes from car door to car door. Not half bad. We made sure to take pictures at all the interesting parts. Cables, rails and ladders, oh my!  Niki found a couple of those fancy Geocache boxes too. It was a great hike!