The Move to Seattle

Whew! It's parked for the night.

In the wee hours after Niki’s 40th birthday bash, Aaron and I headed off west before dawn. We packed up the truck the afternoon before the party, and then hit the road about 4am.

We hit LA about lunch time and met with Drew for a break and a little Drew-time. I miss me some Drew-time.

We headed north to Oakland where Lani was waiting for us. We got so lucky to find a spot big enough to park our truck overnight, and for free. Lani was very hospitable and allowed us to stay at her place for a quick nights rest…. and some wine!

We were off at 4am again, becuase it was Monday morning in San Francisco. We did not want to deal with rush hour. Onward. We hit the Oregon border and had lunch in our favorite little town Ashland, OR. So fantastic. I can’t wait to get back there again.

We finally make it across Oregon and then cross through Portland to Washington State! Finally about 6pm we made it to our new home!

It took us until midnight to finish moving our stuff in from the truck, and Aaron headed to work first thing the next morning, so it was a little rough going, but we survived.

We made it!