Adjusting to our new city

We're here!

We spent the first week, easing into our new city. We don’t have a car, so we’re getting around on foot, by bike and by bus. It’s pretty fun.

Our first walk was around the downtown Kirkland and along the waterfront of Lake Washington. Aaron’s office is right on the lake, so we meet at the waterfront for lunch every day.

We headed out on our bikes to check out the Totem Lake area. That’s where the gym and Trader Joes is, so off we went! It’s along the Cross Kirkland Corridor which is a Rails to Trails program, so it’s a nice route.

On our first weekend, I had to get out to Pike Place Market to really feel as though I live in Seattle. It’s so much easier by bus than driving. I’m glad we decided to do this.

That evening we cooked up our bounty from the Market on our rooftop grill. It’s working out well.

The first week here was a success!