Our first 10K… and Craft Beer


This past weekend Aaron and I signed up for our fist 10K race! It was at Bridle Trails park at a big fundraiser event they were putting on. It was a small race with maybe 50 runners at best. That was nice because I like small events, but not so nice because I actually same in dead last. DEAD LAST! Funny. I actually got lost on the trail, so I lost 5 minutes and added about a half a mile. I managed to find the trail and get back on track. I was bummed to have messed up my time, but I was happy I didn’t accidentally cut the trail at all. I did the full race as intended, with a little extra.

On Sunday we took a bus into Redmond to poke around a bit. We found a craft brewery close to the bus line that we wanted to check out. I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back. It’s way to easy to get to from home, so they will see our shining faces again soon.