Over the last fifteen years my husband and I have been exploring wine. I have enjoyed learning about wine because every bottle is a new experience. I have taken several tours in wine regions like Woodinville, WA, Kelowna, BC, Napa, CA, Willamette Valley, OR, and Cottonwood, AZ.




It’s so wonderful to taste wine with the wine growers and the wine makers in person. They have helped me understand the land and the climate in which their grapes grow, so the character of each wine is unique. I enjoy bringing people along with me, no matter their level of knowledge of wine. Each person’s path to wine discovery is unique to them, which makes wine tasting much more fun and interesting.



My husband and I also enjoy active hobbies such as trail riding with our bicycles, and trail hiking.  I got back into running, as I used to many years ago, and I completed a 9 week training program called Couch-to-5K. It’s great for true beginner runners, or for people who haven’t run in years, like myself at the time.


In the last few years I have run several 5K and 10K races and plan to continue my journey.